Alana Horton | Las Vegas/Henderson Real Estate Agent

Alana Horton, Realtor®,SFR®
Tel: 702-927-5501
Email: [email protected]

About Alana Horton
As an honest and customer service driven real estate agent, Alana Horton offers her clients extensive knowledge of the residential and commercial real estate markets. Having lived in the Las Vegas and Henderson area for the past 20 years, Alana has a special place in her heart for the people and businesses that choose to call this area home.

For the past seven years, Alana has been teaching second, third, and fourth grades, while working with some of the top real estate brokerage firms in Las Vegas. Her experience working alongside the agencies top sales people has given her greater insight into how to best serve her clients, and she is excited to bring that knowledge to her customers through PR Properties Group.

As a former grade school teacher, Alana has the patience and kindness necessary to facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers with an outcome that pleases both parties. Successful real estate professionals look out for their customers first, and with Alana, clients can be confident that their needs will always be met.

Not only does Alana offer superior customer service, but she also genuinely believes in open and honest communication. After all, without proper communication successful real estate deals cannot be achieved, and Alana lives by this philosophy.

As a proud member of the highly respected PR Properties Group, Alana synchs up with the firms "Customer FIRST Service" motto by always striving to go above and beyond the needs of her clients. With over four decades of experience, PR Properties Group has successfully secured over two hundred million dollars in real estate closings and that number continues to grow every year.

Alana Horton’s friendly demeanor coupled with her business savvy mind, create a powerhouse real estate agent that won’t stop until her clients are satisfied. Excited to welcome new neighbors to the Las Vegas and Henderson communities, Alana Horton does her utmost to make each client feel right at home and looks forward to meeting many more newcomers as an agent with PR Properties Group.

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